We are delighted to welcome Aliou Gadiaga, our newest PhD guest scientist, to Würzburg and NetCDA. Since his arrival in March 2024 from Burkina Faso, he has integrated nicely into our research community at the Earth Observation Research Cluster. Aliou is joining us until the end of June.

Aliou’s areas of interest include climate change, urbanisation, environment, landscape ecology, and sustainable development. Currently, Aliou is pursuing his doctoral research as part of the WASCAL programme on climate change and human habitat at the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria. His PhD research focuses on urbanisation and climate change. More specifically, Aliou is interested not only in the demographic and spatial growth of cities over time, but also in the link between urbanisation patterns in West African cities and the recurrence of climate extreme events in urban areas. He also assesses the climate resilience of cities by comparing the climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies of the urban populations of Ouagadougou and Abuja. Aliou has a bachelor in geography and a master degree in GIS and remote sensing applied to environmental management and sustainable development.