Please find below an invitation to an online seminar on ‘Scientific Publishing‘. The seminar is offered by Professor Leal Walter from Hamburg University of Applied Science, one of our NetCDA project partners.

The online seminar will take place on Tuesday, 7th May 2024 from 14:00 to 16:00 (CEST Central European Summer Time) and is an initiative of the European School of Sustainability Science and Research (ESSSR) and the Inter-University Sustainable Development Research Programme.

In the seminar, Prof. Walter will explore the key elements of scientific publishing, including manuscript preparation, peer review, ethical considerations, publication metrics, and future trends. The detailed list of topics covered in the seminar is listed below:

  • Introduction to scientific publishing: An overview of the scientific publishing process, including the types of scientific publication;
  • The roles of authors, reviewers, and editors, and the importance of publishing for researchers;
  • Choosing a journal: Tips and strategies for selecting the right journal to submit your research paper (journal’s scope, impact factor, audience, and editorial policies);
  • Manuscript preparation: Guidance on preparing a manuscript for submission to a scientific journal, including organising and formatting your paper, writing an effective abstract, and following the journal’s submission guidelines;
  • Peer review: An overview of the peer review process, including the different types of peer review, how to respond to reviewer comments and tips for addressing common reviewer concerns;
  • Ethics and integrity: Discussion on ethical considerations in scientific publishing, including plagiarism, data falsification, authorship, conflicts of interest, and the responsible conduct of research;
  • Publication metrics and impact;
  • Collaboration and networking: Strategies for building collaborations and networks in scientific publishing, including identifying potential collaborators, communicating effectively, and building your online presence;
  • Post-publication activities: Guidance on promoting your publication, including sharing your research on social media, networking at conferences, and creating an impact beyond traditional academic circles;
  • Future trends in scientific publishing: Discussion of the latest trends in scientific publishing, including preprints, artificial intelligence, and open science initiatives.

The seminar is open for scholars (Researchers, Teaching Staff, Bachelor, Master and PhD Students) from all areas, especially sustainability, that wish to gather more knowledge on publishing.

To attend the Seminar please register by filling the registration form: 

The deadline for registrations is 30th April 2024. The link to the event will be sent to registered participants on 5th May 2024.